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Re-connecting  people to beautiful moments of life

Travel tastefully, try new things, discover the beauty of the world in simple things.

Hello, my friends

In life and vacations, I profess a culture of hedonism. Life is a gift and every day should be enjoyed. Learn to see the beauty in simple things. Develop a taste for life.

When travelling, I love picnics with breathtaking views, tasting local specialities and wines, sailing on yachts, visiting local people for lunch. Together we will go truffle hunting, discover the wonderful world of winemaking and folk crafts.
I enjoy every day of my holiday discovering the culture and gastronomy of the region.

I also really like to plan trips. It takes a lot of time, concentration and diligence.

Over the years of travelling, I have accumulated a library of beautifully planned holiday plans. And I want to share it with you.

Welcome to my library of ready-made travel plans around Europe. I've found, checked and planned everything for you. No more googling, no more studying reviews - with the guide you can go straight away! I've driven all the routes myself.

Cordially your Olga

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